Giraffe in FineArt

In wildlife photography, you can not control animals to get what is in your mind. One of these animals is a giraffe, and I have focused on it whenever I travel to Africa to get FineArt works since 2017. One of the most important reasons that help me get these FineArt works is that when I am in the field of photography, I need time to synchronize with the place to find myself in another world.

Here I can read the scene completely, which can help me be ready to get the work in my mind. But unfortunately, in wildlife, the subject is not easy to control; many times and hours I spent in the field of photography, I could not get what I wanted. I have works that I could not achieve until after years, For example, this project. In this project, I want to show giraffes in a FineArt way, not just a documentary work. The mean reason for this is to reflect my sense to reflect my style through these works.

POS TA 317 01Portrait POS TA 317 01$2,000.00
POS TA 317 02FramingPOS TA 317 02$2,500.00
POS TA 317 03Silhouette Strips POS TA 317 03$2,000.00
POS TA 317 04Mirror POS TA 317 04$3,000.00
POS TA 317 05Reflection POS TA 317 05$2,000.00
POS TA 317 06Front of Mount KilimanjaroPOS TA 317 06$2,500.00
POS TA 317 07INSIDE DIAMONDPOS TA 317 07$2,500.00
POS TA 317 08Details POS TA 317 08$2,000.00
POS TA 317 09Broken Edge POS TA 317 09$2,500.00
POS TA 317 10CracksPOS TA 317 10$2,000.00
POS TA 317 11Lonely POS TA 317 11$3,000.00
POS TA 317 12Ladder of GiraffesPOS TA 317 12$3,000.00
POS TA 317 13Three fingers POS TA 317 13$3,000.00
POS TA 317 14Together POS TA 317 14$3,000.00
POS TA 317 15GuardsPOS TA 317 15$2,000.00
POS TA 317 16Alone POS TA 317 16$2,000.00
POS TA 317 17Smiling Face POS TA 317 17$2,500.00
POS TA 317 18ٍSmall Pieces POS TA 317 18$2,500.00
POS TA 317 19Minimalism POS TA 317 19$2,000.00
POS TA 317 20Between LayersPOS TA 317 20$2,500.00
POS TA 317 21Brothers POS TA 317 21$2,000.00