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Presented by Alan Ranger ABIPP

Wed 12th Oct , Thu 13th Oct , Fri 14th Oct, & Sat 15th Oct 2016


This introductory class is for beginners wishing to absorb new skills and techniques to improve their photography. Alan will talk you through the essentials of photography and explain the concepts to help you develop your creative eye and improve camera operation too.

This is an excellent and in-depth introduction to explain why and how to get off automatic mode and start using more creative ways to expose your images.

Whatever level you are at you will walk away inspired and keen to start putting that new knowledge to good use.

Workshop Content:

  • Exposure Triangle Explained
  • Aperture Settings – Creative Effects
  • Shutter Settings – Creative Effects
  • ISO – When and Why
  • Metering
  • Focusing

Find the fastest way to access your camera's features, how shutter speed affects your photos and how to avoid camera shake by adjusting ISO.

After completing this short course, students may want to move on and join Alan's' Composition workshop where you can learn how to add interest to your photos with some tips on composition.

What you will need to bring:



  • Digital Camera, DLSR, Mirrorless, Bridge or Compact type

Course Timings

This introduction course will be repeated on the following dates and times. Select one that suits you.

  • Duration 45 Minutes
  • Course Fee - $0 Sponsored by Sharjah Media Center
  • $20 (75 AED) Registration fee
  • includes Alan's pocket exposure guide

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Sharjah Media

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