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Hanaa Turkistani

Hanaa Turkistani is an artist, academic trainer, freelance photographer, and a featured photographer by Nikon middle east and Nikon school.
She lives in the coastal city of Jeddah. Since childhood, she discovered her passion for the arts and graduated from university, majoring in Arts with honors. Hanaa’s interest in the visual arts led her to study photography in 2005.


Hanaa is honored to represent her country to give a modern artistic impression of the creativity of Saudi women in the field of photography in 2019
her Specializing in architectural photography, passionate about city vibes, landscapes, travel, and fine arts in general.

Her focus on relativity between shapes, lines, and visual analysis makes her work special. She believes the arts are the source of inspiration, so miracles happen when vision is blended with art. Hanaa seeks to spread beautiful images and what is related to architectural creativity from different cultures. She likes to be unique in providing photography that is also unique and meaningful.


Books, Films and Exhibitions

Jury member for the HIPA humanity competition 2021.
First prize winner of the RTA, HIPA AE photography competition 2021.
Documenting Saudi logistics services - SAL 2023.
-Psa gold - NBC international salon of photography
-Fiab mention d'honneur - middle east grand circuit
A European book specialising in architecture and engineering Published Hanaa's picture of the Lapedrera museum in 2017.