In these unprecedented times, we are probably logging more home hours than we ever did before. Our reinvented domestic space has become the turf of our creative whims, daily duties, and respite. With things being so, we encourage you to keep a visual journal of your quarantine days and to share your best captures with us!

To apply for Xposure’s #HomeCaptured competition register at


#HomeCaptured is a photography contest that is open to all and FREE to enter. The initiative of Xposure International Photography Festival and Sharjah Government Media Bureau is designed to help keep people occupied and assist in the development of photography skills during these unprecedented days and weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak.
The prize money is $1,000 for first place and $750 for second place. A Jury will evaluate all entries on a weekly basis (Sunday to Saturday) and score entries independently based on a Five-Score System. Images will be considered on the following basic principles.

Technical Quality

Winners will be notified by email and the winning images will be published on the StayHome website and social media accounts @xposurexpf


  1. You may enter one image in each 24 hour period over the duration of the #HomeCaptured contest
  2. Each image must be #HomeCaptured meaning taken within the confines of your home or looking out from a window.
  3. Images should be uploaded through the website in JPG format.
  4. Images should have been taken during the period 1 April through to end of the contest.

Your images may be of any subject matter provided they are Home Captured.


Please Note: this contest is separate from the Xposure International Photography Awards and each platform requires its own registration and login procedure.

You may also participate in the International Photography Awards by registering HERE or if you are already registered on the Awards Platform CLICK HERE  to login