This is a 4-hour workshop in two parts on decisive moment & art of story-telling.

Each part is approx 90 min followed by 15 min break, total 3.5 hours with a half hour at the end for any individual questions.

 This course will give confident photographers a good insight to automotive photography both Inside & Out. The course will be presented in an easy to digest manner so that all skill levels from confident beginner to advanced will take home a valuable insight to Automotive Photography

Part One:

  • A decade with cars: Presentation of work and review of techniques & overall concepts, for all skill levels.

  • Origins: How I came to love cars, why they inspire me, and the big ideas which have influenced my work.

  • Workflow: Thoughts on project planning and post production.

  • The Road Ahead: Challenges facing photographers today. Insights gained as photographer and social media editor for some of the largest (and smallest) car companies in the world.


    Part Two:

    • hands on live demo of car photography, basic techniques, and light settings.

    • Pre-Production: finding the best angles and other considerations

    • Shooting: covering the whole car in a standard set of images.

    • Lighting: augmenting natural light, basic concepts with off-camera light

    • Details & Interiors: cars up close

    • BREAK

      What you will need to bring:


      • Digital Camera, DLSR, Mirrorless, Bridge or Compact type

      • Tripod

      Course Timings

      Friday 14th October  18:00

      ​Saturday 15th October  14:00

      Course Fee – $175 subsidised by Hot Cold Studio (normally $250)​​​

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