Xposure International Competitions 2018 Season Open For Entries

The 2018 season of the Xposure International Photography Competitions open with more options and opportunities for entrants. The sharp increase in the popularity of the Xposure Competitions seen in 2017 was encouraging, and in return, we have added more categories and allowed entrants to participate FREE with 10 images in both our TAPSA season and main 2018 season with multiple categories.

This year also includes a short film and video category. With the increase in popularity and technical advances in the video capabilities of smartphones and digital cameras, producing video is now available to most people and is fast becoming a trend for photographers to tell stories in motion.

In addition to providing more scope to more people wishing to enter the Xposure contests, we have been busy developing an entirely new awards platform that offers many new features. With Data Protection in mind, we can now guarantee platform users information will never be sold or shared with third parties.

Using the latest technology, hardware and cloud-based servers the new platform provides an enhanced experience for the user. The Technology and file management allows background uploading of the images while you are able to complete titles and captions other tasks.

The 2018 Season Categories Explained