Irina Dzhul

Irina Dzhul

Irina Dzhul (1983) is a Ukrainian Fine Art Photographer from Kiev who holds a Master Degree in Architecture, Design, Art. For the past decade, Irina has used photography as a tool to express her feelings. Irina’s photos Bring Fairytales to life in whimsical portraits that full of fantasy, magic and beauty. There is a beautiful form, as well as deep emotion that stands out in her work.

Irina began her career in photography in 2010 with children’s photography. Her own children were Irina’s first models. But over time, Irina wanted to take pictures with a story and tell it by means of location, model, decor and outfits. She did not want just to capture the world around her, but to transfer the viewer to children’s dreams. In her photographs all the backgrounds and decor are real, she creates beautiful illustrations.

Irina Dzhul

Irina creates her photos in Fine Art and fairytale styles. She carefully plans and documents all stages of the production including the hand-made costumes used to create her photographs.  From idea and concept to implementation and execution. She invents her scenes images and often makes sets and the decor by herself.

Dzhul’s photographs each has its own story, so mystical and mysterious. All her work is shot on location in different parts of the world. Every photo tells a story. The main narrative is harmony between humankind and nature.

Locations in Irina’s photographs are even more important than models since it tells the story of the character in the image.

Irina demonstrates professional work with the composition, rhythm and depth of the picture. Her photos are with a 3D effect.

Irina travels the world and teaches photography master-classes and seminars. Her works can often be seen on the covers of magazines, books, music CDs, as illustrations for poems redrawn by artists around the world.

Irina Dzhul

Irina Dzhul’s work depicts not only a beautiful form but also content…the magical world of fairy tales, travels in time and space, exciting dreams …

All of Irina’s images are about the soul … because, in her opinion, every object, creature and person has its own story: birth, growth, adventure and death. The soul is the main character of her work, and each time it takes a new form. It shows what a person should strive for … peace and harmony with themselves and everything that surrounds them.


“Kazkovyi Kyiv” (“Fairy Kyiv”)
The project shows fabulous stories in which famous people of Ukraine (singers, presenters, actors) who were models turned into characters of world-famous fairy tales.

This project is dedicated to people with disabilities.

“God is One.”
The project is about soul and faith since all people go to one Creator through different religions.

Work with Ukrainian celebrities. The project is about modern men who succeed and fight like real knights as inside each of them there is a voice of ancestors of the knight.