Isa Ebrahim

Isa Ebrahim, born in 1979 Kingdom of Bahrain, began photography in 1993 and then worked as a photojournalist in several newspapers and magazines in the Kingdom of Bahrain from 1999 to 2016, and worked as a photographer for the company (Rameses Engineering) industrial photographer. Photographer (Lagardere Sports is) the advertising sponsor of the Asian Football Confederation in Bahrain. He is currently a freelance photographer,  He has been Vice President of the Bahrain Photographic Society since its establishment in 2015.

The Mursi tribe women place large plates of clay in their lower lip and wooden plates in their ears or tattoo their chests.

Ebrahim has won 610 international awards in international photography competitions, and Issa has won prestigious international titles in the world of photography, most notably the title of Master FIAP (MFIAP) of the International Federation of Photography, the first Arab photographer to receive this title. (EFIAP / g) and the title of excellence (EPSA) of the American Photography Society, in addition to the following titles from the Global Photographic Union: (GPU CR4), (GPU Aphrodite) and (GPU VIP2).

He specialized in depicting the lives of people, where Isa went to global photography carrying the camera to roam the world together, to document the lives of other peoples, In his book “EYE MEMORY”, Isa ِ Ebrahim reviews his 16-year photographic journey, which toured various countries and travelled through different cultures, peoples and nations until he reached about 25 trips. His camera documented the lives of these peoples to produce 64 live stories from 450 pictures that contain cultural and civilization of the peoples.

A Bishnoi family in their house outside Jodhpur city in India

His awards and titles enabled him to manage several competitions, most notably the Bahrain Salon, the Great Middle East Photography Competition in 2015. Isa also participated as a jury member in several local and international photography competitions.