Jordan Hammond

Jord Hammond is a freelance travel photographer and storyteller from Dover, UK. At just 26 years old, he has become well-known on social media for his modern style of photography, mixing diverse cultures, colour, light and landscapes as he travels throughout Asia. Jord’s photography journey began in 2015 when he moved to China to teach English after graduating with a marketing and advertising bachelors in the UK.

After exploring all corners of China on his days off from teaching, he fell in love with documenting the less frequented areas found throughout the country, and eventually decided to leave his teaching job to pursue travel photography full-time.

Fanjingshan, China

In the past 4 years, Jord has built a successful photography business, creating travel content for companies around the world, including Adobe, Japan’s National Tourism Board, Canon UK, DJI, Discover Hong Kong and many more. These projects have taken him from sitting alone watching the sunset on the Great Wall of China to living with the eagle hunters of Mongolia and celebrating Holi in Mathura, India.

His work has been featured in the likes of Whalebone Magazine, UK Sunday Times Magazine and the Digital Photography Magazine, among others. His photos have also been licensed for airline magazines, books, apps, music album covers and puzzles.

As his photography business and clientele list grew, he decided he wanted to share what he has learnt over the past 4 years with his Instagram following in the form of free editing tutorials and ebooks. From there, he launched an online course business and mentorship program where he teaches his students the ins and outs of photography and editing, and how to build a brand and social media following to ultimately make a sustainable living through travel photography.

The courses have been a huge success, and have allowed Jord to take a step back from the client work and focus more on his photography passions.


Tokyo, Japan

One such photography passion that Jord has dedicated the next year to is publishing his photographic journey through China in the form of a coffee table book. He has recently signed to a publisher for this project, and looks forward to getting underway once the worldwide travel bans have been lifted.