Kirsteen Titchener

Kirsteen Titchener is a self-taught photographic artist living in Devon. Her work is strongly influenced by a fascination with human nature, many years working in the field of psychology, and periods of self-reflection.  Kirsteen’s work often features digitally manipulated self-portraits illustrating the elements that make us individuals hidden beneath our everyday facades.
The combination of photography and post-processing provides a way to create imagery that cannot be captured via one shutter press. Digital manipulation is an essential part of the workflow to photograph something that does not exist while appearing somehow plausible. Elements that are inherently understood as necessary in everyday visual reality (such as perspective and direction of light) are maintained to create a believable photograph. She captures all the elements of the compositions herself choosing not to use any stock imagery.
Titchener has received international recognition with recent accomplishments including three nominations for Photographer of the Year from the Societies of Photographers (2014, ‘16 & ‘17); third place in the Neutral Density Photography Awards Open Series for The Missing Series in 2017; and The Gold Medal in the Royal Photographic Society Visual Art Exhibition 2018.