Kirsty Larmour

Kirsty Larmour is an award winning lifestyle photographer. She is known for capturing authentic and emotive photos of children and families as she travels the world. Her clients are located globally from New York to Shanghai.

Larmour’s photography interest grew during her professional life as a consultant to The World Bank in Asia where she travelled across the region to work on projects related to environmental degradation. Her interest shifted to capturing the life evolving in front of her after the birth of her own children in China and the Middle East. She loves to document how they interact with their environments and capture their true personalities and emotions honestly.

Though she is British she has lived over half her life outside of the UK, and is as much at home in her camper van as she is within bricks and mortar. She believes in the power of the moment and as an educator, both home and abroad, strives to teach parents how to capture their own children in real life and is passionate about the keeping of memories. Besides capturing real life moments for her clients, she is a lifestyle

stock photographer, and she has contributed to several books including “Capture the Moment” and “365 Gratefuls” and has been featured in “Click” magazine, as well as being the author of “Photography on the Fly” a guide to being intuitive in photography to enable you to soak up and be present in the moments that matter