China’s Contemporary Photography Museum

The Lianzhou Museum of Photography (LMP), which opened in December, offers a window into the world of contemporary Chinese photography beyond the blockbuster names of Ai Weiwei and Ren Hang. On show for the inauguration are works by Japanese photographers Issei Suda and Masato Seto.

Since 2005 when museum director Duan Yuting first formed the Lianzhou Foto Festival the initiative, scholars, experts and curators from the photography, art and intellectual communities advocated the establishment of a photography archive in Lianzhou, Designed by Chinese Architects.

The new museum launched with four solo exhibitions, including two focused on Chinese artists.

Beijing photographer Zhuang Hui, a key figure in China’s New Photo movement in the 1990s, is presenting a series of landscapes and portraits. An intriguing display by Zhang Hai’er, whose Bad Girls portrait series subverts mainstream notions of sexuality; the Guangzhou-born artist rose to prominence in the 1980s for his experimental shooting style.

Also featured are exhibitions by New York-based Scottish photographer Albert Watson, who has captured fashion and celebrities since the 1970s. French photographer Baptiste Rabichon, is exhibiting photo-collages of lilacs and roses alongside mysterious silhouettes.

The museum is additionally showing works from: California photographer Reagan Louie, who has shot extensively in Asia; Canadian conceptual artist Suzy Lake; Beijing-based Chen Wei, who documents steamy nightclubs; Los Angeles artist Amalia Ulman, renowned for her Instagram self-portraits exploring role-playing in digital art and social media.

The museum is located on Zhongshan Nan Road in Lianzhou’s old city, linking Zhongshan Bei Road, Jianguo Road, and Chenghuang Road.