TAPSA Gallery by Linus Escandor II

Mayon Volcano: Dangerous and Beautiful

The 8,077-foot high Mayon Volcano in the Philippines, continues to rumble, spewing ash and lava that endanger the lives and health of residents as well as properties and livelihood in surrounding communities. The rumbling started since January 13, 2018, prompting the government to evacuate 60,000 residents from three cities and five municipalities. Despite the iconic volcano’s ongoing activity and unmindful of the danger it poses, both local and foreign visitors and tourists flock to watch the magical “fountaining” and pyroclastic flows that accompany every explosion. The magnificent shape is still visible, unaltered by the month-long rumbling and volcanic ash. It is still the majestic beautiful volcano named after the legendary heroine “Daragang Magayon” or Beautiful Lady. Mayon-watching has resulted in an increase in tourist arrivals, according to the local tourism office. Camera bugs and day-trippers dare for an up-close shot of the volcano for posterity; they can vividly photograph the volcano’s fury, but most enthusiasts want to take the magical “fountaining” shots at night. Local and foreign tourists stay helping boost tourism and economic opportunities.