Mike Browne

Mike Browne

Mike Browne is a Commercial Photographer with a passion for training and educating others in the art. Mike resides in the New Forest on the South Coast of England, rides motorcycles everywhere, rain or shine and loves exploring this magnificent world we live in along with, its diverse cultures and people.

In his early years, he drove trucks and earth movers. photography was only a hobby then, and he admits he wasn’t very good at it. Browne loved the feeling of capturing a ‘good one’, but never knew how it happened. The journey from there to professional photography coach, clients worldwide and 260,000 followers on Youtube has been long – but deeply fulfilling…

Today, Mike help photographers fulfil their dreams, experience the world anew through photography and by sharing their images and stories, help others experience it differently too.

Mike Browne
Promotional for Jet Aviation Completions, Basel, Switzerland

In his late 20s, Mike was bored with his job but didn’t know what would be inspiring and fulfilling. So he packed it in, sold everything and travelled. A year later a life changing conversation in Africa lead him to return to the UK to retrain and become a photographer. He hasn’t looked back.

In December 1993 he issued his first invoice and since has been a commercial & wedding photographer.

Clients include individuals, businesses and world class organisations such as Jet Aviation who build luxury private jets, and the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. I’ve made promotional films for Pentax, Samsung, Olympus and Tamron.

Following a long term project and exhibition about homelessness Browne was hailed by the Romanian President. Mike is listed as being one of Petapixel’s ‘Top Ten Best Photography Trainers.

“It’s a joy to share knowledge and experience to help photographers achieve their goals and dreams. It’s the best feeling when students have a ‘Eureka’ moment, a new understanding and perspective to help them on their way.

We give back to the world we love to photograph, by investing in social enterprise projects that benefit people for whom buying a camera is an expense undreamed of, but who selflessly make powerful pictures for us.”

Mike Browne Sample 2
Lantern delivery man. Hoi An, Vietnam

Awards from Xposure, Fuji, Kodak, MPA, Youtube
Photography writer DSLR User magazine Professional Photographer Magazine, Photography Monthly Magazine, Professional Photographer Magazine, Photo 360…
Exhibitions at Master Photographers Association, Royal Photographic Society, Romanian Embassy (London)…