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Nasser Ali Albahrani

Nasser Ali Albahrani

Fine Art

Nasser Ali Albahrani Bio Picture

Nasser Ali Albahrani, Emirati fine art photographer. He is studying chemical engineering, but his free time passion is photography.

Albahrani believes that, “Photography is not only an art; it is an international language. It reflects the sensory impressions and draws the ideas in an easy way, so everyone can understand it.”

For Nasser, the camera is a tool that he uses to tell stories. Most of his photos are conceptual self-portraits. However, he still enjoys taking some cultural photos that reflects the beauty of the United Arab Emirates in its architecture, nature, and traditions.

Nasser Albahrani is a winner of many photography competitions & his work has been exhibited in more than 30 national and international galleries, including the Royal Geographical Society in London, UK

In addition to his exhibition that will be on display from 12th to 15th October, Nasser will be hosting a photowalk in Sharjah.

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