Ola Allouz

Ola Allouz

Emirati photographer Ola Allouz, from Dubai, with a focus on daily and cultural photography. Ola entered the field of photography at the beginning of 2007, after graduating from university and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the UAE University, and after her official working hours in a bank in the country, she studied the basics of photography at the Fine Arts Society in Sharjah Her interest in the field encouraged and motivated her to continue learning, by attending art exhibitions and getting to know artists in various fields because of her belief that the arts, despite their differences, have an impact in one way or another. She participated in many local and international exhibitions, and won many medals, including gold, silver and bronze, by participating in international competitions representing the UAE.

In Conversation with Dubai

One of her priorities is continuous learning by attending workshops in various photographic subjects, and other specialized courses in other fields. She obtained a diploma in film photography and a diploma in Graphic Design.

Ola was chosen to represent the UAE in international companies such as Fujifilm and EIZO, as well as to be part of the international photography community @womenphotograph, and she was chosen as part of the Youth Committee at the Culture and Science Symposium in the country.

Khorfakkan Military Parades

Allouz was awarded the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Tolerance Award for her project in documenting the collective iftar in the month of Ramadan in the country. The project also qualified for the Sharjah Government Communication Award for 2022 in the category of the best images in government communication, which generated a positive response in serving a public cause and achieved an impact on the level of Communication between officials and the community.