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Painting with Light

Painting with Light

Intermediate WORKSHOPS

Presented by: Andrea Belluso

13th October, 2016


This is a 1 day workshop in four parts based on fashion photography.

Each part is approx 60-90 min followed by 15 min break, with some additional at the end for any additional questions.

This course will give confident photographers a good understanding of working with lights from a single light set-up to a milti-light set-up and use of different light shaping tools.

The course involves creating and taking 4 different shots.

Starting with a single light and playing with distance and angle of light, all done with the standard Zoom Reflector.

Andrea will demonstrate these techniques and take a couple of shots, then let the participants come up with one individual light each and explain to the rest of us what he or she intends to achieve.

The second shot will involve Andrea setting up a shot, and then the participants will take the same shot with Andrea's camera, lighting set-up, etc, and show how each shot from each photographer looks different and explain why.

Cost: 340 USD (1250 AED)

Subsidised by: Hot Cold Studios, Dubai

Initiative By

Sharjah Media

Official Partner