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Intermediate masterclass WORKSHOPS

Presented By Chris Collacott

Wed 12th Oct. to Thu 13th Oct. 2016


This course on panoramic photography, split over two days, is geared towards both professional and enthusiasts who already know how to use their camera in manual settings, have had experience using RAW images and have a strong understanding of aperture, ISO and shutter speed.

In this course. Chris will teach you how to capture and process multi-row panoramic images to produce ultra-high resolution images for print. The workshop will be split into 2 modules.

The first module will be outdoors shooting at a location capturing Sharjah’s amazing skyline. You will start with basic single row panoramas and finish with multi-row panoramas. While you are shooting, Chris will be going over all the different challenges with panoramic photography including parallax errors, focus stacking, how to shoot while light is changing (over time due to sunset), exposure balancing and much more. One goal of this first module is to capture several panoramic scenes that you will then work on in the second module. Chris will also explain different types of gear, tripods and camera accessories that can help with panoramic photography. The second module will take place the next day in the classroom where you will process the panoramic images from RAW straight to the final stitched image. You will learn how to work around stitching issues, errors and fixes to the common problems that can arise – so at the end, you still have an image that can be printed as fine art.

Workshop Content:

  • Shooting multi-row Panoramic Images
  • History of panoramic photography
  • Going over different camera accessories that assists in panoramic photography such as L brackets, tripod head types (nodal point heads vs other heads)
  • How to select the right lens for the situation and view
  • Parallax errors
  • Nodal Point
  • Focusing
  • Using ND and graduated filters
  • Shooting dark sky (milky-way) panoramic images
  • Shooting while the sun is setting or rising
  • Long exposure panoramic images using ND filters (10-stop)
  • Workflow from RAW, to final stitched image
  • Retouch on the final image
Each individual will get the opportunity to participate in the demonstrations & experience results as a group.

What you will need to bring:

    • DSLR or Mirrorless camera
    • Sturdy tripod with a head that allows you to mount your camera vertically
    • Lens 24mm or 50mm
    • Lens 70mm+
    • A shutter release
    • An L bracket mounted to your camera
    • A nodal point panoramic head
    • A tripod head level or built-in
  • Laptop running with a minimum 8GB of RAM, and at least 300GB of free HD space.
  • Mouse
  • Portable Hard Drive with 1TB of free Space
  SOFTWARE Photoshop CC 2015 or higher. (Available in 30 day trial version) PTGui (trial version available)   Below are links for you to download the above mentioned software. You may wish to try before you subscribe but remember, if you are planning to use a trail version during the workshop, you need to ensure that it is current during the workshop period.

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