Photography Talks

Searching for stories in Conflict Zones

Regardless of the horrors we witness, we still have the responsibility to get the images that will have an impact on the wider public and a challenge to get them published. In this seminar, Afshin Ismaeli will share how he found great stories in the middle of the war against the Isis in Iraq and Syria.

Resignifying  Photography

Gabriel Wickbold has been trying to resignify various conflicts of contemporary man. The artist uses photography to talk about the body, nature, ageing, connectivity and light.

See the Unseen

Douglas Dubler provides a detailed and well-documented case for his assertion that Leonardo da Vinci was the father of the art of photography. Dubler will discuss and highlight the various points, illustrated with da Vinci’s work that brought him to this conclusion.

Day to Night Evolution

Stephen Wilkes imagined changing time in a single photograph. Using this new technology, he has been able to express this fascination through a series of photographs: Day to Night. Stephen will take photographs from a fixed camera angle continuously for up to 30+ hours, throughout the Day to Night. A select group of images arel then digitally blended into one photograph, capturing the changing of time in a single frame.

Telling the Story, Making the Photo

Kathy Moran shares s a behind the scenes look at the extremes that National Geographic photographers go to make innovative, storytelling photographs.  From Carcass-cam to the Lion Tank, from the most basic approach to the most complicated, see what our photographers do to make a photograph.

Why Do It?

Sunday Times Picture Editor, Ray Wells interviews three iconic war photographers from different backgrounds and countries. This elite panel of photographers have been near mortally wounded, hunted captured, and even tortured. So what is the inspiration that keeps them returning to cover the stories in such hostile places in unfavourable conditions?