Photography Talks

Yo Soy Fidel

American photographer Michael Christopher Brown leaned out of a rear passenger window of his passing vehicle in order to photograph Cubans waiting alongside the highway for Fidel’s military convoy, carrying his cremated remains from Havana to Santiago, to pass.

Resignifying  Photography

Gabriel Wickbold has been trying to resignify various conflicts of contemporary man. The artist uses photography to talk about the body, nature, ageing, connectivity and light.

Art & Propaganda

J Henry Fair demonstrates how propaganda plays a major role in the destruction of the environment, climate change. Through his work, Fair showcases a reality that the media are not always willing to portray, by providing a more ‘informed’ platform from which people can make decisions about how they live their lives.

See the Unseen

Douglas Dubler provides a detailed and well-documented case for his assertion that Leonardo da Vinci was the father of the art of photography. Dubler will discuss and highlight the various points, illustrated with da Vinci’s work that brought him to this conclusion.

Telling the Story, Making the Photo

Kathy Moran shares s a behind the scenes look at the extremes that National Geographic photographers go to make innovative, storytelling photographs.  From Carcass-cam to the Lion Tank, from the most basic approach to the most complicated, see what our photographers do to make a photograph.

Save the Salt

Keith Berr’s work has raised awareness, concerns and recently inspired action After decades of continuous mineral extraction, salt depletion, and wilful government neglect, the Bonneville Salt Flats are in serious trouble. Many areas that were once 7 feet thick are down to only 3 inches. Over the last 8 years,

Five Senses

Five Photowalk Connect explorers present their narrative of their travel across the length and breadth of India. Lands and tales ranging from the forbidden land of Everest to the enchanting stories of Haldi festival – from historic streets of Kolkata to the pristine Ladakh and Himachal – this session will make you time travel and evoke your senses.

Developing Stories

Rob Taggart shows the pre-digital era and how international photo agencies covered the news and what it took to get their many historic images of the century into newspapers – in some cases these Iconic photographs were the catalyst for changing the course of history.

Yes, We Did

Lawrence Jackson talks about the inspiring moments that changed his life. Why he decided to leave his job at the Associated Press and document the first African American President of the United States as an Official White House Photographer.


Timothy Allen Photography Scholarship Award. A look into the program, how the group develops during the training provided by TAPSA and their experiences.

Our Eye

A short introduction clip for the inauguration of Xposure to reflect the policy that Photography is not about the equipment we use, but about our eyes and what we see.

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