Professional Portfolio Review

During the festival, there will be an opportunity for you to receive a review of your work, an expert opinion, and guidance from one of four industry experts. There are only a limited number of slots available for 2018, so to avoid disappointment book your review early.


What you need to do…
Consider in advance what results you are seeking from your portfolio review. Are you asking advice or guidance/information, or are you looking to sell prints? Are you seeking representation by a gallery? Do you wish to place an exhibition of a completed body of work with a museum or institution? Are you hoping to secure a publishing contract? Be clear about what you want, research the professional biographies of the reviewers towards making the most of your time towards your desired goals. Be clear about what you want, study the professional biographies of the reviewers towards making the most of your time towards your desired goals.

Prepare & Practice
Keep your presentation short and simple! Be mindful of the 30-minute limit with each Reviewer; you will want to save time within those 30 minutes to receive feedback from them. DO plan on speaking on your work, leave time for dialogue with the Reviewers, too.

Know the Reviewers
Go to the photographer’s page one last time and cut/paste your copy of all the reviewer’s bios and keep it at your fingertips, to refresh your memory as needed on the Reviewer you will present to.

Remember Your Goals

Are you seeking advice regarding technique? Editing? Presentation? Or, Are you asking for help regarding gallery contacts? Publishers? Museum Curators? Let the Reviewer know at the outset what you hope to gain from this experience.

Be On Time!
If late for your scheduled review appointment, the time will not be made up.

Ease of Handling
Presenting your pictures in a suitable size will maximise your time to talk with the reviewer, so select a box, book or portfolio that will allow you to show the photographs relatively quickly and be seen without harm to the objects. It is not necessary to mat your work for presentation – you can fit more prints in your box, or travel lighter; your prints will frequently be shown and may reflect this. It is not appropriate to expect to show your work on a mobile phone, but a laptop with a 13-15 inch screen is accepted

Print Size

If possible, show work to reviewers in the size of 30-40cm or 8x10. The tables you will be presenting your work on will be 75cm, and if prints are larger than that, it can be challenging to manage. For other non-traditional work. Consider making a small “portable” portfolio to have with you at all times throughout all festival days.

Next steps…
Book your portfolio review online. There are only a limited number of spaces available.