This theory class is for anybody who wants to learn how to expand the dynamic range of natural light recorded,  and improve tonal range in your photos through the use of filters and/or bracketing your exposures.

Alan will talk you through why getting a good exposure (in camera) is essential.  You will learn what different filters can do to improve exposure, dynamic range, tonal contrast and creative effects. Learn why, when, what and how to use filters or bracket exposures and how to blend them seamlessly.

This is the perfect class for any outdoor/landscape enthusiast who really wants to maximize the impact of their images and manage the natural light challenges, faced by landscape photographers, to achieve the best results.

Workshop Content:

  • Exposure
  • Reading the Histogram
  • Dynamic range and stops
  • Tonal Range
  • Filters – their use
  • Bracketing technique
  • Merging bracketed exposures

Course Timings

Wednesday 22nd November 16:00

Friday 24th November 17:30

Course Fee – $0 Sponsored by Sharjah Government Media Bureau

$21.50 (80 AED) Registration fee

What you will need to bring:

  • Recommended bringing a notepad and pen or another method to take notes.