Refik Anadol

Born in Istanbul in 1985, Refik Anadol lives and works in Los Angeles. He holds an MFA degree from the UCLA Department of Design Media Arts, as well an MFA in Visual Communication Design from Istanbul Bilgi University. He is a media artist and director working in the fields of data-driven public art and live audio/visual performance within immersive art-in-architecture installations. In particular, his work explores the hybrid spaces of the digital and physical worlds, using technology to create a relationship between architecture and media art.

An award winner in the fields of both art and technology, Anadol has served as artist-in-residence and guest lecturer around the world. His past site-specific audio/visual performances in the public space include Walt Disney Concery Hall, Los Angeles (USA), Arts Electronica Festival (Austria), l’Usine | Genève (Switzerland), Arc De Triomf (Spain), Zollverein | SANAA’s School of Design Building (Germany), Santralistanbul Contemporary Art Center (Turkey), Exploratorium, San Francisco (USA), Istanbul Design Biennial (Turkey), and the City of Sydney (Australia).