Richard Le Manz

Richard Le Manz is a Spanish photographer; whose work revolves around telling real and imaginary stories. Real ones, weaving stories of the most extraordinary places, cultures and sceneries; and imaginary, using photography to explore and look into the human relationship with nature, halfway between vision and creativity.

Painting enthusiast in his teenage years, with a background in engineering and a passion for travelling; Richard has his first contact with photography in 2013 and resumes his sleeping artistic facet of sensitivity and visual perception. He began a fast learning and evolution career path, soon becoming an inspiring emerging photographer, as described by prestigious personalities within the photographic industry. In his short career, Richard has received numerous national and international awards for his work.

Habitat. Beyond photography / "Towards the abyss"

Le Manz began his journey around 30 countries, starting his career with the frenzy and impulse of the curiosity about discovery, travel, other cultures, new experiences, sublime sceneries, and in this craze, taking the camera along with him led the artist to a much greater involvement in those places, people and experiences that somehow magically make the camera immortal.

During this journey Richard has tried to go beyond mere representation, to modulate the contemplative distraction, looking a little deeper than oneself, incorporating his imagination and creativity into his work, adding to his path the exploration and freedom of the his own ideas.

Richard Le Manz has been taking the fascination for nature, for its landscapes, for its immensities, for its elements, modulating that romantic and idealized vision, to build a new vision halfway between romanticism and the search for new languages, new techniques. Seeing outward, but also inward, vision and creativity, to build timeless images that showcase beauty and feeling.

Richard incorporates all his creativity into his work, including the objects, searching within them the answers to his own questions. This new style, called by some author “philography”, “philo” as in philosophy and “graphy” as in photography, seeks to philosophize about what is behind each picture, to touch and move the human being that each one of us holds within. This is how his first great project came about. This project that is still evolving “Habitat, beyond photography” introduces a new meaning to internal elements of the combustion engines.

In our hands

He currently enjoys and is halfway between the romantic vision of our planet, trying to show how incredibly beautiful, diverse, fragile, and harmonious our world is, and the search for new languages to at the same time express, transmit feelings of respect and preservation towards our habitats.

Mixing landscape photography and conceptual photography to weave real or imaginary stories.

Richard has held several exhibitions and has received multiple national and international awards and recognitions, among which: Trierenberg Supert Circuit (Austria), International Colors Awards (Los Ángeles), International Photography Awards (IPA), PX3 Prix Paris, Siena International Photo Awards, Epson International Pano Award, Fine Art Photography Awards (London), PhotogrVphy Grant Award (London), Chromatic Photo Awards, 12th Edition of the Pollux Awards, The Photography Gala Awards, Maratón fotográfico Reino de León, Premio fotografía Salamanca, etc ….

In a more humanitarian plane, Richard is the main promoter of the support project Nepal Will Rise Again where solidarity and photography joined together in a large project to help the victims of the earthquake that took place in Nepal in 2015.