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Sajin Sasidharan

Sajin Sasidharan is a multiple award-winning fine art photographer based in Dubai-U.A.E., who specializes in black & white, long exposure photography. An engineer by profession, Sajin has been pursuing his passion for photography ever since he was a teenager.

The obsession with photography led this self-taught photographer to endeavour the complex elements of photographic equipment and techniques while evolving his knowledge of composition, light and natural elements. His passion shines throughout his work and has attracted the audiences around the world.

Sajin Sasidharan
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Like many photographers, Sajin had tried his hand at macro, street, landscapes and portrait photography before eventually finding his true passion in B&W long exposure.

His fine art photographs comprise architectural elements and extensive natural & urban views. His post-processing techniques and artistic sensibility have become his “signature style” that brought him worldwide recognition.

His photos often allow a person to see the unseen beauty of the subjects of his photographs.

In Sajin’s words:
“I create what I visualize. It is important to mention that my vision is the future of what I photograph. My work represents my emotions and expresses the way I look at a subject. For me, vision is made real through the photographs that we create. I wrestle with each of my images and try to achieve perfection as much as I can.

As far as my technique and style are concerned, I concentrate on minimalism with long exposure style while experimenting with lights & shadows as per my vision.

My work is the progress of extensive fine art photography experiments, which is influenced by talented photographers such as Ansel Adams, Michael Kenna, Joel Tjintjelaar and Julia Anna Gospodarou, whose works introduced me to the creative possibilities that black and white fine art photography can offer. These artists have influenced my own visual style, specifically the use of gradients covering the large tonal range with deep shadows and bright highlights to better serve the emotion of the subject”.

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Sajin has received numerous recognitions including multiple national and international awards, nominations, and interviews those include: Moscow International Photo Awards (MIFA), EPSON International Pano Awards, Fine art Photography Awards, International Fine Art Photography Awards, SIENA Awards & One Eye Land contest. Besides these, Sajin has been title winner for two consecutive years in the “Xposure International Photography Festival”.  Sajin is also a brand ambassador of H&Y filters in the U.A.E.