Samuel Feron

Samuel Feron has been photographing Nature for 2 decades, exploring remote and sparsely habited areas all over the world. He tries to go beyond what the eyes first see, assuming that Nature has secrets in itself. His camera was initially thought as a tool to explore a land but has become, as the years went by, like a headlamp searching the raw diamonds he will polish as jewels.

Samuel has produced around 10 Collections, each gathering images around a specific thematic he associates to the places he travels.

Fortresses, Iceland. From the Collection 'Ice Destiny'

Feron initially found his inspiration in Nature, especially remote areas as glaciers, volcanoes and deserts.

He has travelled to Namibian deserts to capture d its red dunes of several hundred meters high, to Ethiopian lava lake for its volcanoes, to Argentina, with its glaciers and its high peaks, to the Chilean Atacama bordered by huge volcanoes, to Bolivian colourful Lagunas that stands at an altitude of 5.000 meters.

Feron travelled to Kamchatka to climb some volcanos that look like monsters, to Indonesian acid lakes, to China and its karstic peaks, rice terraces and yellow mountains, to North Vietnam, to Hawaii and its majestic volcanoes and lava fields, to the desert of Jordan, to the canyons and deserts of the West America, to the cloud forests of Costa Rica, to Indian Ocean and the Piton de la Fournaise at La Reunion. He regularly travels to Iceland, maintaining a watchful eye on the next eruption.

As the years went by, Samuel saw tourism increasing in alarming proportion, threatening environment, photographing everything, anywhere, copying each other, in a frenetic course to likes and ‘friends’.

Colonies, Iceland. From the Collection 'Nano 577'

Samuel realized that more than ever, a close and personal view was necessary and orientated my work in that sense. The time of Ansel Adams where photographers could reveal unexplored areas is definitively over. Exploration needs to be personal, more complex. He considers that Nature offers raw diamonds and the role of the photographer is to polish them, like a jeweller.

In 2015, Feron founded Terra Quantum, a gallery that gathers the most beautiful images of our planet taken by photographers from all over the world. An international jury reviews each submitted picture to decide whether the image is of a high standard to be published. Terra Quantum looks for excellence, not for quantity. In 2019, Terra Quantum opened a new platform, called Damaged Earth, that shows what our world will look in a close future if the human footprint is not contained.

‘Ice Destiny’, Galerie Marie Robin, Paris

Recent Awards:
Special Mention Jean Larivière, Salon des Beaux Arts, Carrousel du Louvre 2019
Silver in Fine Art, Tokyo Foto Awards 2019
Photographer of the Year in Nature, ND Awards 2019
Golden, Silver and Bronze in Nature, Moscow Foto Awards 2018
Golden in Epson Pano Awards 2018
First Place in Monochrome Awards 2017