“Save the Salt”
A Photo Campaign by Keith Berr

Keith Berr is an award-winning commercial and fine-art photographer who travels worldwide. He has been producing remarkable images for more than 30 years, and his travels take him on assignments, capturing breathtaking vistas, people, food and natural flair around the world.

For a few years, Berr has dedicated his free time and work to one project in particular: raising awareness to prevent the destruction of the Bonneville Salt Flats, a historic landmark in Utah. For the past several decades, the Potash mining industry has been removing the salt, driving the flat salt surface down from 7 feet thick to now only inches. The 100,000 acres of the salt flat has shrunk to under 30,000, and the area is now designated an “area of critical environmental concern” in need of assistance to prevent further destruction by man.

The images that Berr has created for the “Save The Salt” campaign were captured at the Bonneville Salt Flats. They are being used to attract attention from the public to help in funding the work needed to save the landmark. Berr hopes that the salt flats will continue to exist for the next generation of children to enjoy.

We are always happy to share information and knowledge about photographers of all standings who are doing great things with their work. Keith is an excellent example of putting his considerable skills to a good cause along with being as comfortable photographing the presidents of Fortune 500 companies, as he is the men and women in remote Bhutanese villages.

Whether he is working in his studio, or an isolated location, Keith’s dramatic images soon reveal his mastery of natural, or created light, in the formation of his works of art. To learn more about the complex challenges facing this National Historic Landmarks’ survival and what you can do to stop its destruction, visit: Save The Salt