by Douglas Dubler

See The Unseen

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s well-known adage to “See things Unseen”, it has been my mantra and goal for my entire life as an artist. As diverse and eclectic as some of my subjects might be, this is the common thread that connects all of my images.

20X24″ Polaroid

An intimate study of a young ballerina done with the quintessential camera for recording such a study, the 20″X24″ Polaroid.

Beauty & Fashion, “Now and Then”

A retrospective going back almost four decades. Images originally shot on film have been scanned on high res scanners and retouched using the latest technology available in 2018. As with all of the sections, this is a celebration of the art form of photography, the print.


My attempt to convey a bee’s eye view of flowers. Often more abstract than literal. To me, the flower is a canvas that carries form and color and allows me to draw upon my experience as a three-dimensional artist to visually bring that third dimension to photography, a two-dimensional art form.