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Shooting Stock

Shooting Stock


Presented by: Colin Hawkins

Wed 12th October, Thu 13th October, Fri 14th October, Sat 15th October


Colin Hawkins is a professional, freelance photographer who has been supplying stock images to numerous libraries for over 15 years, including Getty Images, Image Source, Alamy and Superstock.

This 2 hour beginner workshop is designed to help get the most from your images with the potential to licence and sell them through image libraries. It will show you how you can make your images more competitive and be more productive when shooting.

You will also learn about the various licensing agreements available, the creative process in creating stock images. This will include in-depth advice on concept creation, models, locations, release requirements, submission standards, key-wording and good practice in post-production.

Workshop Content:

Licences: micro-stock, royalty free (RF) and rights managed (RM). The pros and cons of these licence models offered by libraries and what it means to you as a photographer.

Concept creation: what to shoot and why? Coming up with concepts and how to shoot images that sell. Briefs- what is needed in the market?

Shoot production: Models - how to find and choose models and getting the most from them on the day. Location - shooting effectively on location. Equipment & production techniques and examples.

Post production: Editing - choosing the right images. Releases - model and property release requirements. Captioning and key-wording - using the right key words and common errors. Submission standards - requirements and good practice advice. Tracking sales.

The workshop is aimed at all levels of photographic experience. No experience needed, though particularly suited to photographers who already actively shooting images that might have a stock value. It won’t be possible to give individual advice on suitable images though the talk will hopefully give you enough information to make those image choices yourself.

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