Sponsorship Opportunities

Diamond Sponsor

Our Diamond Sponsorship Program is designed not only for the festival period but incorporates longer-term activities and promotions.

Gold Sponsor

The Gold Sponsor packages is created as festival specific but can incorporate an varied package of advertising & promotions.

Silver Sponsor

Silver Sponsor programs are particularly suitable for short-term and specific activities taking place during the festival period.

Sponsorship Opportunites exist for photography equipment manufacturers and strategic partners for the Xposure Photography Festival that is held annually in Sharjah, UAE. Sponsorship Opportunities at Xposure is about creating experiences that will resonate for many months after the campaign.

Whether your brand engages in a Sponsorship Package or creates a Partnership, it is committing itself to delivering significance and value to thousands of industry influencers including Media, Creatives, Artists, and decision makers and their millions of collective followers.

Through Product Integrations, Activations, Social Media Campaigns and brand logo placements your brand has the tools to educate, entertain, and engage a targeted captive audience on what it is doing to make a difference in the digital, photographic and visual arts world.

In addition to our Sponsor Programs and Strategic Partner Packages, a limited number of individual sponsorship opportunities are available for Workshops, Interactive Stage, Logistics and Photo-Tours / photography holidays.