TAPSA 2017 Gallery by Ana Caroline de Lima

About Ana Caroline de Lima and the submission

I’m a Brazilian journalist who has been working mainly as a photographer in the last three years. I’ve completed a master’s degree in visual anthropology so I could have a theoretical background about my photos and writings. But I’m not what you would call a theoretician at all. In my photos, I seek more humanity than technique.

When it comes to portraits, I need to find a person that catches my attention for some reason. It can be anyone, anywhere. I have to feel some sort of connection. Then I try to make the person comfortable with me. It can take days or just a few minutes. I believe that a good portrait it’s one that establish a connection between the viewer and the portrayed, so you start wondering the story behind that face, about that moment. That’s why I think most of the commissions I got so far are from NGOs, which photos needs to move and engage people somehow.

My favourite countries so far are in Asia and South America, but most of the photos I sent for the scholarship were taken months ago in Peru and Brazil. In Peru I was commissioned by an NGO to show the daily lives of Andean women. The photos in Brazil are quite recent and for some reason, it’s even harder to break into the photography thing in my own country. Each photo has a story, just one that shows a Kayapó girl, that told me: ” – Do you want to take a picture of Maria? She is very beautiful!” I said yes and she brought a  doll whose body was painted with Kayapó motifs, just like her. And she said: “She looks just like me, doesn’t she? She doesn’t have ‘hairs above the eyes’!”, while showing me a blue-eyed, white doll who, just like her, doesn’t have eyebrows. So you see, there’s a lot to be documented as the cultures are vanishing fast.

My inspiration comes from everyday life, from people. God has created so much beauty in the world, you just have to take a time to admire it. My favourite photographers are the ones who has an excellent technique and photos that have emotion, that photo makes me feel something. People like Steve Mc Curry, Bill Alard and also Timothy Allen whose work can merge travel photography, photojournalism and the emotional factor. I feel ‘that’ connection tht I love in every portrait of them. I also have many favorite painters whose composition, light and contrast are brilliant, such as Velazquez, Caravaggio and Joachim Beuckelaer.

Ana Caroline de Lima