TAPSA 2017 Gallery by Magdalena Konik

About Magdalena Konik and the submission

I have a lot of interests and still can’t believe that some of them I can connect with the most important for me – Photography. Right after it is horseriding, travelling, learning new cultures, religions, languages. Many things I want to learn.

The greatest inspiration for me is photographer and filmmaker Krystian Bielatowicz, who is my teacher and friend. Looking at his persistence in developing, I want to develop and learn more to understand other people, from another part of the world. Cause of consequence in developing, a great inspiration for me also 2 polish National Geographic photographers – Marek Arcimowicz and Tomasz Tomaszewski. Preparing for the material about shepherds, I looked for inspiration in Timothy Allen’s pictures from Mongolia.

Photos of the shepherds’ journey are the beginning of a wider project aimed at perpetuating the lost traditions of the Caucasus. For this purpose I have lived with the Tush people for over 4 months, I participated in their everyday life, holidays, wandering, work.

The second of the awarded material was created earlier, during the Easter celebrations in Shukhuti (Guria / Georgia). Once upon a time this game had taken place throughout the Caucasus and served to find the strongest group of men who would be responsible for defending the village or several settlements in case of danger. Its history goes back about 3000 years.

Magdalena Konik