TAPSA 2017 Gallery by Thomas Cytrynowicz

About Thomas Cytrynowicz and the submission

I am a Freelance photographer and filmmaker, I am passionate about global issues such as education, sustainability, and human rights. I strive to combine these interests with photography and film in the projects I undertake, hoping to follow the steps of great photographers such as Sebastiao Salgado and Steve McCurry.

My academic background is in International Relations and I co-founded a video and photo during my university years. I am also involved in a wider range of personal projects, from photojournalism across the globe to fine art projects.

While currently based in France, travelling has always been a priority for me. I worked in many places including Taiwan, South East Asia, India, East Africa and various European countries, and I’m always planning the next trip to explore new ways of capturing human emotions.

Ceremonials reflect the essence of who we are, as humans. Birth, weddings, religious celebrations, death. At all these moments, human emotions and relations are at their paroxysm. There is nothing stronger than the joy of a baby being born, or the grief caused by the loss of a loved one.

The series was shot only with the use of a 50mm. It was fundamental for me not to deprive the people of such an important moment, and I chose to be part of them, as close as I could, rather than hide far away. The fruits of these photos remain expressions people chose to offer.

Thomas Cytrynowicz