Tariq Keblaoui

Tariq Keblaoui is a Lebanese Palestinian filmmaker who has studied both individually and through university as a director, cinematographer, and editor.

After studying Cinematography at Columbia College Chicago, Tariq continued his studies in Central Film School London and graduated as Filmmaker of the Year with his completion of Holmgång, his award-winning graduation short film, which was heavily inspired by the cinematographic style of Akira Kurosawa. His main influences throughout the years came from classical cinema filmmakers, such as Stanley Kubrick, Akira Kurosawa, and Louis Bunuel.


After the completion of his short film Al Hmar, his first official award-winning Lebanese short film, he moved on to work mostly in commercial and journalistic work, working with international news companies like CNN and Arab News.

Keblaoui was on the ground covering since day one of the Lebanese October 17 revolution, and has created a large collection of videos and photographs of all the protests and clashes that had happened between October and February.

Tariq Keblaoui has captured powerful and emotional scenes of peaceful protests, tear gas raining down over, army and police cracking down and arresting protestors and protestors charging forward to take down government barriers.

A number of his images have been used for articles and websites for companies such as CNN, Human Rights Watch, Arab News, Aljazeera and more. Since the Corona Virus Pandemic, he has still descended to capture the scenes of the lockdown and the few scenes of protests that appeared despite government lockdown.

Moscow Shorts International Film FestivalMoscow
Russian Federation
December 21, 2018
Winner Best Film for Al Hmar (2018)

Short To The PointBucharest
February 10, 2019
Romania Premiere
Winner Best Short Film for Al Hmar (2018)


Woodengate International Film Festival
August 29, 2019
Romanian Premiere
Best Film for Al Hmar (2018)

NDU International Film FestivalZouk
November 26, 2018
Lebanese Premiere
Public Vote Finalist (2018)