Telling the Story, Making the Photograph

Kathy Moran provides a behind the scenes look at the extremes that National Geographic photographers go to make innovative, storytelling photographs.  From Carcass-cam to the Lion Tank, from the most basic approach to the most complicated, see what our photographers do to make a photograph.

Featured Photographers:

Brian Skerry
Christian Ziegler
Joel Sartore
Laurent Ballesta
Michael Nichols
Steve Winter
Tim Laman
Tomas Peschak


Aaron Huey
Amy Toensing
Brent Stirton
David Doubilet
David Guttenfelder
David Liittschwager
Ed Kashi
Gerd Ludwig

James Balog
Jim Richardson
Jody Cobb
Lynn Johnson
Lynsey Addario
Marcus Bleasdale 
Michael Yamashita
Paul Nicklen
Randy Olson
Stephanie Sinclair
William Albert Allard