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Beno Saradzic

2 Day Workshop - Fri 14th Oct. and Sat 15th Oct. 2016

Time lapse films have been around for decades but they've never been as popular as now. It's almost impossible to turn on the TV or browse for videos online without spotting a time lapse sequence.

The advent of affordable, high-quality digital cameras and time lapse equipment combined with the exponential use of social media has brought this art form to unprecedented levels of exposure.

Whether the subject matter is nature, skylines, night skies, people or the machines, there's no better or more engaging way to capture them than in a Time Lapse. Why? Because Time Lapses are beautiful to watch. They tend to amaze, surprise, even shock the audiences who seem to gain a 'supernatural' ability, allowing them to perceive the flow of time which no longer runs at a 'regular', human speed. With the ever increasing need for high quality media, the demand for time lapse films is assured for years to come.

In recent years, Beno realised his other passion; to share his vast knowledge with his students although he's rarely able to do so, given his busy work schedule.

The Advanced workshop on Time Lapse Cinematography at Xposure 2016 will be his most elaborate and in-depth workshop to date which will be split into two separate sessions, over 2 days:

The workshop, lead by Beno Saradzic, will be split into two modules over two half day sessions.

Day 1:

Time Lapse theory
  • Great Masters to study and films to watch
  • Overview of camera and time lapse equipment
  • Overview of computer equipment and software
Pre-production phase
  • Choosing the right time lapse subject and things to avoid shooting
  • Time lapse shoot; potential pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • On-location shoot from day to night

Day 2:

Post-production phase
  • Organising the footage
  • Primary colour correction, de-flickering
  • Film editing and visual effects
  • Importance of the music score
  • Film mastering

Course Timings

Examples of Time Lapse by Beno Saradzic:

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