Time to Shoot

How much time do we spend actually shooting compared to reading about shooting or photography? It is important to ensure that the ratio is weighted in favour of Time to Shoot.

When shooting portraits at a close distance it is more important to consider what expression we aim to achieve by our subject. Do you always consider the purpose when framing the shot? There are dozens if not hundreds of descriptions for facial expressions but what are we looking to show?

Tense : Sanguine : Quizzical : Peering : Hopeless : Dreamy : Cheeky : Blissful : Absent

Do you always consider the purpose when framing the shot?

A good portrait will tell a story and express many feelings by revealing the subject’s expression. Such details can depict an alternative story if a background is included. Therefore to capture only the soul of the subject, you need to shoot tight. Details that are in any surrounding environment or background can dramatically alter the emotion and expression of the image overall.


A close-up portrait can tell a lot more about a person, but the eye contact is essential.



By leaving elements out of a frame, you can produce detail-orientated images with clear messages and interesting compositions.The close-up portrait is an ideal photography method for drawing attention only to what you want people to notice in an image.

If your entire message can be told in your subject’s eyes, then why include anything else in your frame?

If you’re most interested in the texture of someone’s skin, instead, then move in close to capture the detail.

Now you should stop browsing Instagram and Facebook,  grab your camera and get out & about. You will find great subjects, everywhere you look.