Bob Martin Turns Up The Heat in PyeongChang

When looking through some of the images by Bob Martin coming out from PyeongChang, the only chill visible is in the air.

There are Twenty-five so-called tropical nations competing in PyeongChang at the winter Olympics. And it’s no accident these athletes are here nor it is by accident or fluke that Bob Martin continues to send out to the world amazing shots of outstanding moments. This is why Bob is recognised as a master of sports photography.

We can all appreciate that timing is crucial. It’s the photographer’s job to look and anticipate where and how the action is going to unfold, and then be ready to capture it. In a sports photography context, the area on a field where the action will take place is reasonably predictable, bounded by sidelines, and governed by the norms and rules of the game.

However, in open spaces and mountain runs, such as the winter Olympics,  it’s not that simple if you wish to create iconic photographs like Bob Martin.  Anticipation and concentration are crucial but what is it like when you have no visual sight on a fast moving subject until the 1/1000 of a second when action highlight is visible and in the frame.