Short Video Mini Clips

XPF17 Closing Video

A short review of the 2017 International photography festival in Sharjah.

Erik Almas

Erik Almas explains his use of photoshop in answer to an audiance question.

XPF17 Opening Video

A short introduction to 2017 International photography festival in Sharjah.

Muhammed Muheisen

A short clip from CNN featuring Muhammed Muheisen – “Telling Their Stories”

Sir Don McCullin Exhibition

Sir Don McCullin gives a brief introduction to his valuable Platinum Dust exhibition at Xposure.

Paul Nicklen

A brief teaser of the Paul Nicklen session held at XPF17

SONY Presentation Video

A short clip from Sony at XPF17

Professor Eli Reed

Eli Reed – Ask Yourself Why – Finding the Core session teaser from XPF17

Ian Ruhter

Not how I want to be remembered from XPF16

Fabian Oefner

Clive Arrowsmith & Lorenzo Agius

Look At Me Teaser from XPF17

Know Your Rights

Panel Discussion Teaser from XPF17