Waheed Akhtar

Waheed Akhtar, a Pakistani digital designer and fine art photographer living and working in the UAE from last 15 years. His passion for photography led him to attract a very wide audience around the world in a very short time. He organizes workshops locally and provides training on post-processing.

Akhtar is a multiple international award-winning photographer. He took teaching photography to himself very seriously and not letting the hunger of learning die. He started his passion for photography a few years back and ready to spend rest of his life learning, teaching and expanding his knowledge.

Photography passion kicked in when he started blogging about photographers in 2010-2011. He used to spend most of the time seeing photographs of other artists and featuring them on his blog. Looking at so many inspirational pictures every day led him to start taking photos by himself.

In 2013, Waheed started taking pictures when bought his first camera. In few months he got selected in Top 10 Winners for ‘Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk’ the same year. Since then the winning opportunities didn’t stop looking for him and find him in some form or another. Below you will find few publications and awards he received.

Waheed Akhtar will be teaching a long exposure and post-processing workshop at Xposure 2018

Nominated, shortlisted, got published in international magazines and scored few international awards in the last few years.

Waheed specialized in long exposure photography in the last few years and mastered converting extreme long exposures into fine art photos. Fine art photography is all about the creative vision and to express the emotions through your art. It’s about how you see the things and share with others. He always believes in hardworking and does what he loves.