What does it take to be selected for TAPSA?

The Timothy Allen Photography Scholarship Award is an annual award for photographers of all ages. It is a platform for discovering new and emerging talent which also allows winners to showcase their work and experiences at Xposure Photography Festival.

In 2018 over 1,500 entries from 78 countries were submitted to the contest. The five winners were flown out to Sharjah, residing in a luxury hotel, and receiving a 5-day workshop with Timothy Allen, followed by a further days attending Xposure International Photography Festival during which they had the opportunity to present their work in front of a live audience. Winners also got the chance to meet and spend time with many great names in photography, along with portfolio reviews by Kathy Moran, a senior photo editor at National Geographic.

For anyone interested in entering the 2019 Timothy Allen Photography Scholarship Award, this is what it takes to get selected:

  • The ability to visually execute a story with compelling images
  • Proficient technique, Composition and Originality
  • A title and complementary caption for your images
  • Option 1
    The submission of a portfolio of 10 single images that best represent your travel and documentary photography work from the last 3 years.
  • Option 2
    The submission of a story comprising of Title, Description/Background and 5-10 images.
Below is an example of image + caption required for the story.
by Thomas Cytrynowicz


“A woman bursts into tears as she is dancing in front of the village mortuary, seconds after the body of her family member was carried in on a hearse”.

The contrast between her facial expression and the movement of the young man behind her is striking, which led me to take this picture. Funerals in Ghana are a very important social ceremony… to accompany the dead in the afterlife as much as to cope with grief, it is common to dance, sing, and play music.