Photography Talks

A selection of full-length photography talks from the Xposure Auditorium.


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Developing Stories

Rob Taggart shows the pre-digital era and how international photo agencies covered the news and what it took to get their many historic images of the century into newspapers – in some cases these Iconic photographs were the catalyst for changing the course of history.

Telling the Story, Making the Photo

Kathy Moran provides a behind the scenes look at the extremes that National Geographic photographers go to make innovative, storytelling photographs.  From Carcass-cam to the Lion Tank, from the most basic approach to the most complicated, see what our photographers do to make a photograph.

Five Senses

Five Photowalk Connect explorers present their narrative of their travel across the length and breadth of India. Lands and tales ranging from the forbidden land of Everest to the enchanting stories of Haldi festival – from historic streets of Kolkata to the pristine Ladakh and Himachal – this session will make you time travel and evoke your senses.