Xposure Photo Fair

The Xposure Photo Fair forms part of the annual Festival and will open to collectors, curators and the public. Offering fine art, contemporary, documentary and evocative photography by emerging and internationally recognised artists. Many exhibits have never been seen before in the Middle East and some never at all.
Platinum Dust exhibition from Sir Don McCullin

from the private Platinum Collection by Sir Don McCullin.

Xposure will present a curated exhibition of the private Platinum collection from Sir Don McCullin. Paul Nicklen’s Spirit of the Wild exhibition boasts over 30 large scale framed prints. Both these collections together with over 20 other exhibitions will be on show in Sharjah, together with the photographers

A Photography Fair allows the opportunity for collectors, buyers and galleries to attend and view new works from dozens of photographers and also opportunity to personally meet the artists who will all be present throughout the four-day festival.  The Festival will feature photographers from across the globe including the U.S., Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, and South Africa.

Paul Nicklen presents Spirit of the Wild exhibition in Sharjah
from the Spirit of the Wild Collection by Paul Nicklen.
Additional exhibitions included in the 2017 Photo Fair include; Clive Arrowsmith, David Anthony Hall, Muhammed Muheisen, Lorenzo Agius, Erik Johansson, Marcus Bleasdale, Cristina Mittermeier, Bob Martin, Eli Reed, Fabian Oefner, Elia Locardi, Alan Ranger, Graham Fink, H.E. Ali Khalifa bin Thalith, Abdel Rahman Gabr. For a full list visit our Exhibition pages.


The initiative to support emerging and talented photographers offers a platform where they can exhibit their work among many of the Internationally recognized big names.

Exhibition Panels

An additional area has been dedicated, with space for 25 customised display panels, and each is 210 cm tall by 100 cm wide. To qualify for one, to a maximum of four, of these panels, applicants need to submit a digital version of their work intended for exhibition, to the festival curators. Sharjah Government Media Bureau has supplemented the cost of the exhibition panels in an initiative to support and encourage local talents. See Info

Exhibition Pages

To see all the current and past exhibitions you can follow the link HERE. Entry to the Photo Fair is free of charge. Collectors and Buyers may wish to make an appointment to arrange a guided tour.

Applying To Exhibit

If you wish to exhibit in future editions of Xposure Photo Fair, you may contact Simon Newton to discuss your project.
Telephone contact details are on the “About Page.”