Yousef Bin Shakar Alzaabi

An award-winning Emirati Photographers participated in more than 30 Art Exhibitions locally and internationally.
specialized in Street & People life photography, travelled to more than 10 countries for documenting people’s cultures around the world.

Member of the board at Union Of Arab Photographers and President of Emirates Falcons Photography Society.

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A story in my eyes
to be told by my lens . .

Creator of one of the biggest photography groups “Emirates Falcons Photography”, took a great part of 40 different exhibitions in the United Arab Emirates and 4 overseas. Has a hungry talent for photography, his story started with a graduation gift from his beloved mother, a digital camera, a small gift that changed his whole life, took it along with him to a study trip with a group of 15 to United Kingdom, started taking portrait pictures of his friends, little he knew that this was the start of a new page in his life.

Yousef grew the passion for portrait photography, worked and studied his way up to polish his knowledge in photography, Then, found a new love for culture and story telling photography but will never forget his love for Portraits, now, Yousef Bin Shiker is one of the greatest photographers and well known in UAE. He didn’t stop there, he didn’t learn only how to become one of the best photographer but photography taught him a lot, taught him patience and gave him a new perspective in life among his family and friends.

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