Ziyad Alarfaj

Ziyad Alarfaj works driven by passion and determination towards success, patience along with a strong sense of details makes his photography unique and reflective of his interest in documentation.

He is a storyteller, a talent that developed with the influence of his grandfather, a trader, and a traveller, another passion that he probably inherited from him.  

During his studies he focused on Construction Engineering Management & MBA, he worked in the field of construction, along with other fields in the family business for around 12 years.

Ziyad thinks of the Camera as more than an instrument, it’s a lifetime friend to which he was introduced in a very young age, and through it, he captures what translates his vision of the world.

He lived abroad most of his life, travelled to many places for the sake of education, business and pleasure, yet Art and the interest to observe were never far from his sight

Motivated by a love of heritage and an exploring mind, he looks for mediums to show the Saudi culture to the world, he is eager to document the diverse and colourful heritage found in Saudi Arabia.

With Arab News, a significant Saudi Newspaper “the voice of a changing region”, Ziyad presents a new window titled “The Face” that reflects  the stories of Saudi Women from every background representing diversity and variety and confirming the reality of the Saudi women experiences, whether they were artists, doctors, government officials, chefs…etc.